Art & Design

For Littlegreen Art is all about enjoyment, freedom, expression, communication and celebration. We value the therapeutic effects and the way art can be used to give pupils the opportunity to express their inner thoughts, while helping them to better understand and make sense of their emotions and the world in which they live.

All pupils have the opportunity to access art through the taught curriculum and we have a specialist art teacher who leads the curriculum across the school. We take a thematic approach, linking art across the curriculum. For those pupils who wish to take accredited courses we currently run Arts Award and have the potential to offer GCSE should this be appropriate.

Pupils also have the opportunity to access 1:1 and small group art sessions where they can either focus on further developing their technique or as part of their individual intervention programmes which are highly personalised.

Examples of our pupils’ art are celebrated on our website, on school displays and some are professionally framed and exhibited in reception, the meeting room and various communal spaces around the school.