A Walk on the Wild Side

A Walk on the Wild Side

Littlegreen staff and boys refused to be beaten by the weather last Friday.

Every single pupil in the school took part in our sponsored walk and were very proud of the fact that they rose to the challenge and completed the walks.

Keystage 2 pupils took part in a walk and scavenger hunt.  The vast majority completed 5 laps and on their way round collected various items such as red and yellow leaves, twigs of a given length, nuts and seeds etc..  Not only did they keep on walking in spite of the showers but they also created a piece of art out of the things they collected.  Look out for the photograph of the ‘natural’ dragon.

Keystage 3 and 4 were taken offsite by mini bus and then followed an 8km walk back to school through the woods and fields, negotiating lots of muddy puddles on the way.  Every single buy took part and completed the walk.  Many commented on how it made them feel good and how much they enjoyed being outside in the fresh air.

Finally we had a celebration assembly where we looked at photographs and congratulated each other.  We’re already planning the next one!