Fishing at Duncton Mill

Fishing at Duncton Mill

Duncton Mill is a trout fishing lake near Petworth.

It is a perfect place to fish.

The weather started off dreadful because it was tipping down with rain and there was thunder for a while.  By 11.30 the sun came out and we were able to dry off.

We were each placed with a gentleman who was an experienced fisherman.  They taught us how to cast and helped us be able to catch and land fish.

Lunch was provided and it was a combined picnic and BBQ.  They had burgers, hot dogs, quiche, crisps, drinks, apples and bananas.

The best things about the day;

‘When I got my first catch’.

‘The fact that I learned to fish’

‘They had apples and bananas for lunch’.

‘Catching a fish’.