Littlegreen Honey

Littlegreen Honey

The Littlegreen bees have been buzzing this summer!

The apiary started off as one hive; in April it was split into two (the hive without a queen made a new one! Find out how!). In June a swarm was collected that brought us up to three! Extra frames with wax foundation had to be made up for the new colonies, which Thomas B did extremely well.  

This term Class SW has been busy with the honey production- Oliver helped bring in the supers from the apiary and the whole class helped with the uncapping, the spinning, the filtering and the bottling, and then labelling them with their own individual labels. Everyone enjoyed the process and had to resist the urge to dip fingers in the honey. Some were more successful than others. 

The honey itself has been in huge demand- and the supply definitely was insufficient. This year we had about 38 jars; next year I hope for double that! 

We’ve also had to remove some of the damaged wax from the frames and replaced it with fresh wax foundation for the bees to draw out next season. We will melt down the wax we’ve collected and turn it into wax candles- ideal for Christmas presents. Watch this space!