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Littlegreen Academy

Kingley Class

Class Teacher: Lucy Hatton

Welcome to Kingley Class one of our Key Stage 4 classes here at Littlegreen Academy.

Autumn 2022 

Kingley class have got off to a flying start this academic year. The pupils are embracing being in the wider community with learning one day a week at Chichester college.

They are working hard towards their accreditations and are especially enjoying working towards their Personal and Social Effectiveness Level 1 award in ASDAN, where a lot of practical activities are involved in the kitchen, allotment and sport.

All pupils are focusing on the next step and are planning career pathways for Post-16. Kallum was fortunate enough to be able to visit a local tree surgeon, with the forthcoming possible opportunity to be able to engage in work experience.

Morgan has the aspiration of achieving his best in both English and maths.

Haydn is enjoying focusing on the practical side of learning with the love of the great outdoors through Horticulture and sport.

Kingley Autumn 22


Spring 2023

We have to give a great big thank you to Kingley class this term!

At the end of the Autumn term Kallum, Morgan, Haydn and Charlie worked together as a team to create and dress products for the Compton Christmas Fayre. This showed a great team effort working together. It also showed patience and teamwork for enterprise. This led to Kallum wanting to become more confident and be a leader. On the Saturday, Kallum helped to set up at the Fayre and serve customers. This was a great enterprise project and contributes towards the ASDAN Personal and Social Effectiveness Award.

The pupils have come back in the new term on fire! It is so exhilarating to see year 11 so engaged and enthusiastic with their learning. Kallum and Morgan are applying all Maths and English skills, with the aim to gain the highest accreditations possible. They realise they only have a handful of weeks left to revise and complete courses. They are extremely focused and ready for learning.

Charlie has settled into the class well and is now undertaking a design project with Dominika.

Haydn and Kallum are continuing to embrace their Conservation course at Brinsbury college and all the year 11’s are applying for their Post-16 courses.

This term the year 11’s are going on career/recruitment trips, these will offer an insight into the ‘World of Work’. This Wednesday, pupils went to the Goodwood estate, all who attended were enthusiastic and enjoyed having a tour of the farm, aerodrome, racecourse and house, discovering a variety of different careers on offer.

Kingley class should all be extremely proud of themselves with the great team and individual effort achieved, especially social skills and learning!

Kingley Spring Term 2023